Benefits of Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are growing with the years, as companies and liberal professionalsThey are increasingly looking to reduce costs. But by placing the tip of the pencil is not any virtual office that provides long-term return.

lasting benefits go beyond saving money. They bring a number of improvements to the management of a company and facilities for those seeking autonomy. So it's important to find an environment where customer's ideals are aligned with the office, so that both can grow.

Another benefit that you should aim for is the specialized outsourcing service. Our company has the Virtual Call, a specific plan personalized bilingual service where calls are received are by a competent, trained for this particular type of function.

The calls are then forwarded to the customer's phone, fixed or mobile. The personalized phone service plan Virtual Office also allows for the use of business address and / or tax address, leaving it to the service contractor choice.

This, also, is another benefit to be pursued in a virtual quality environment: the freedom to compose diversified strategies and designed according to the individual needs of each user, whether individual or legal entity, making the corporate location in space collaborative.

You the main points of business!

Because we are the virtual office for more time in Brazil, we find the sweet spot between benefits of short, medium and long term by values just by adding it to the high standards of professionalism and structure.
We think useful way to meet the needs of our customers, such as:

• Commercial address of prestige;
• Furnished and equipped offices;
• Safe and proper Fiscal Address Virtual Office;
• Administration and addressing correspondence;
• Environment and adequate infrastructure for training;
• Commercial and tax address of prestige in Sao Paulo, Alphaville and Rio de Janeiro;
• Bilingual personalized service with exclusive fixed-line to the customer welcome customers.


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The Virtual Office provides business solutions and quality services for 20 years.
We collaborate with the growth and development of their business.

Virtual office with room rental

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Telephone Answering Custom Bilingual

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Virtual office with commercial and tax address

Address Commercial and Fiscal

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São Paulo — ————————————————————————————————

Map for the virtual office  virtual PaulistaPAULISTA

Av Paulista, 1765                      Localização do escritório virtual Paulista

Cerqueira César                        Virtual office Video Paulista

+55 11 3170-3170                          

Virtual Office Avenida Paulista
Map for the virtual office  Itaim Bibi FitITAIM BIBI FIT

R Dr Guilherme Bannitz, 126              Localização do escritório virtual Itaim Bibi Fit

Itaim Bibi                                              Virtual office Video Itaim Bibi Fit

+55 11 3040-3040                     

Virtual Office Itaim Bibi Fit
Map for the virtual office  virtual JardinsJARDINS

Al Santos, 1800                         Localização do escritório virtual Jardins

Jardim Paulista                        Virtual office Video virtual Jardins

+55 11 3170-3170                          

Virtual Office Jardins
Map for the virtual office  Berrini PrimeBERRINI PRIME

R George Ohm, 206                        Localização do escritório virtual Berrini Prime

Berrini                                              Virtual office Video Berrini Prime

+55 11 5105-8282                     

Virtual Office Berrini Prime

Alphaville — ————————————————————————————————

Map for the virtual office  Alphaville BarueriALPHAVILLE BARUERI

Calçada das Margaridas, 163                      Localização do escritório virtual Alphaville Barueri

CC Alphaville                                                Video do escritório virtual Alphaville Barueri

+55 11 4166-6000                          

Virtual Office Alphaville Barueri
Map for the virtual office Alphaville Santana de ParnaíbaALPHAVILLE SANTANA PARNAÍBA

Av Dr Yojiro Takaoka, 4384                Localização do escritório virtual Alphaville Santana de Parnaíba

Alphaville                                              Virtual office Video Alphaville Santana de Parnaíba

+55 11 4152-8400                     

Virtual Office Alphaville Santana de Parnaíba

Rio de Janeiro — ——————————————————————————————

Map for the virtual office  Rio de JaneiroCENTRO

Av Rio Branco, 26                                      Localização do escritório virtual Rio de Janeiro

Centro                                                        Virtual office Video Rio de Janeiro

+55 21 3541-0341                                      

Virtual Office Rio de Janeiro