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Furnished meeting rooms with easy access and reduced prices you find in the Virtual Office

They are the ideal environment for the closing of contracts, discussion of projects, meeting partners and presentation proposals. Fundamental in the routine of a company, the meeting rooms can be located within a now, they are rented according to a demand or monthly basis. Available in all units of the Virtual Office, themeeting rooms can be the ideal setting for closing the biggest deal of your business!

Equipped with the latest infrastructure, including furniture functional and modern, Wi-fi, air conditioning, IT support, projector, water, coffee and tea cups, meeting rooms Virtual Office can hold three to 16 people, depending on your needs. If you need a exclusive space for your business, we have also the private rooms, which are fixed and can accommodate a 12 people with maximum comfort and well-being.

Our meeting rooms, and our executive and training rooms are ideal for self-employed professionals or entrepreneurs that are at the beginning of a business but, not therefore need to rely on a structure simple and difficult to locate. The place a meeting room in Virtual Office, with plans which include hours, days or periods, you place your brand in prestigious addresses in cities like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Barueri and also welcomes customers and partners organized and highly professional manner.

The benefits of investing in a meeting room in      virtual Office They do not stop there! By opting for a our monthly plans (Virtual Address - Address Commercial and Fiscal Address, Virtual Call - Call      telephonic e Virtual Office - Fixed Rooms) They have the benefit power reserve meeting and training with discounts up to 40%! With so many facilities, will surely win your brand more prominence and recognition in the market, do not you think?

Can not wait to position your business in a room meeting located in places like Avenida Paulista Avenue Engineer Luis Carlos Berrini, Itaim Bibi and Jardins, Sao Paulo, Rio Branco Avenue, in Rio de Janeiro, or Alphaville, Barueri! Among already in contact with our representatives and make a free quote! Call to 0800 559 533.


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Lease of Meeting and Training Room

Meeting rooms rental and training equipped and ready for use. Fully furnished with all the infrastructure...

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Telephone Answering Custom Bilingual

Humanized and bilingual service for your company. Own team dedicated exclusively...

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Address Commercial and Fiscal

Address Commercial and Fiscal prestigious address in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Alphaville with safe...

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Private Rooms furnished offices

Offices furnished for monthly rental with all services included in reference addresses for your...

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São Paulo — ————————————————————————————————

Map for the virtual office  virtual PaulistaPAULISTA

Av Paulista, 1765                      Localização do escritório virtual Paulista

Cerqueira César                        Virtual office Video Paulista

+55 11 3170-3170                          

Virtual Office Avenida Paulista
Map for the virtual office  Itaim Bibi FitITAIM BIBI FIT

R Dr Guilherme Bannitz, 126              Localização do escritório virtual Itaim Bibi Fit

Itaim Bibi                                              Virtual office Video Itaim Bibi Fit

+55 11 3040-3040                     

Virtual Office Itaim Bibi Fit
Map for the virtual office  virtual JardinsJARDINS

Al Santos, 1800                         Localização do escritório virtual Jardins

Jardim Paulista                        Virtual office Video virtual Jardins

+55 11 3170-3170                          

Virtual Office Jardins
Map for the virtual office  Berrini PrimeBERRINI PRIME

R George Ohm, 206                        Localização do escritório virtual Berrini Prime

Berrini                                              Virtual office Video Berrini Prime

+55 11 5105-8282                     

Virtual Office Berrini Prime

Alphaville — ————————————————————————————————

Map for the virtual office  Alphaville BarueriALPHAVILLE BARUERI

Calçada das Margaridas, 163                      Localização do escritório virtual Alphaville Barueri

CC Alphaville                                                Video do escritório virtual Alphaville Barueri

+55 11 4166-6000                          

Virtual Office Alphaville Barueri
Map for the virtual office Alphaville Santana de ParnaíbaALPHAVILLE SANTANA PARNAÍBA

Av Dr Yojiro Takaoka, 4384                Localização do escritório virtual Alphaville Santana de Parnaíba

Alphaville                                              Virtual office Video Alphaville Santana de Parnaíba

+55 11 4152-8400                     

Virtual Office Alphaville Santana de Parnaíba

Rio de Janeiro — ——————————————————————————————

Map for the virtual office  Rio de JaneiroCENTRO

Av Rio Branco, 26                                      Localização do escritório virtual Rio de Janeiro

Centro                                                        Virtual office Video Rio de Janeiro

+55 21 3541-0341                                      

Virtual Office Rio de Janeiro