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The number of professionals who work from their homes independently has grown considerably. What was once viewed with uncertainty and fear looks today is synonymous with quality of life. Work from home or home office, it is desired by most professionals as it allows a more flexible routine, which does not necessarily mean less work.

Work comfortably, be close to the family, avoid the chaotic traffic of the big cities, they are just some of the many benefits cited by those who advocate hard teleworking. However, behind this scenario are some challenges that are only perceived in the course of daily activities.

Everyday scenes, such as receiving call from a major customer with the noise of the vacuum cleaner, bell ringing or the barking dog can be a stain on professional image. Another aspect to be considered is the address and telephone number of the company's business card, which many choose to inform their customers cell phone or hide your business address on the cards, because it is the truth of one's residence. However, these items can be critical in the customer perception about your business. Including scheduling a meeting can be a deciding factor contract as guided prices, deadlines and tasks to be developed in a public place, in the midst of a cup of coffee, usually suffer external interferences and have little or no privacy.

This is where the professional is questioning how to continue enjoying the benefits of working home office without impacting the image and future of your business. Faced with this panorama the virtual office service assists the entrepreneur in key points we list continued. This service which is to outsource the vital administrative services of the company.

Benefits of virtual office for those who make home office:

• Prestigious business address for your business card and promotional material of your company;
• Unique phone number with transfer of calls to customer preference phone and notification of messages;
• Tax address for company registration in the Public Bodies. Where the company has not yet been formally established and the client wants a secure address reference to bureaucratic effects can make the hiring of the tax address.

The spread of this service is the personalized service bilingual with the fancy name of your company, so the entrepreneur does not risk missing important calls from potential customers.

If the client considers that it can not provide care, you can choose to inform you're in a meeting and return the contact as soon as possible.
Exclusive prices in the lease of meeting an hour, period or full day.

One hour of meeting room can cost less to invite your client to take a cup of coffee and additionally offers a conducive atmosphere for the celebration:
• Contracts and business;
• Secretary per hour;
• Free wi-fi connection;
• Administrative staff;
• Personalized welcome bilingual;
• Furnished rooms, equipped and air-conditioned;
• Professional to support the Internet;
• Water, coffee and tea will boardrooms and training.

This and other points can cause a self-employed and small businesses, very have more value in the market and even improve credibility with its customers and suppliers.
The options plans and services are diverse and can be molded according to their professional and financial availability needs.

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São Paulo — ————————————————————————————————

Map for the virtual office  virtual PaulistaPAULISTA

Av Paulista, 1765                      Localização do escritório virtual Paulista

Cerqueira César                        Virtual office Video Paulista

+55 11 3170-3170                          

Virtual Office Avenida Paulista
Map for the virtual office  Itaim Bibi FitITAIM BIBI FIT

R Dr Guilherme Bannitz, 126              Localização do escritório virtual Itaim Bibi Fit

Itaim Bibi                                              Virtual office Video Itaim Bibi Fit

+55 11 3040-3040                     

Virtual Office Itaim Bibi Fit
Map for the virtual office  virtual JardinsJARDINS

Al Santos, 1800                         Localização do escritório virtual Jardins

Jardim Paulista                        Virtual office Video virtual Jardins

+55 11 3170-3170                          

Virtual Office Jardins
Map for the virtual office  Berrini PrimeBERRINI PRIME

R George Ohm, 206                        Localização do escritório virtual Berrini Prime

Berrini                                              Virtual office Video Berrini Prime

+55 11 5105-8282                     

Virtual Office Berrini Prime

Alphaville — ————————————————————————————————

Map for the virtual office  Alphaville BarueriALPHAVILLE BARUERI

Calçada das Margaridas, 163                      Localização do escritório virtual Alphaville Barueri

CC Alphaville                                                Video do escritório virtual Alphaville Barueri

+55 11 4166-6000                          

Virtual Office Alphaville Barueri
Map for the virtual office Alphaville Santana de ParnaíbaALPHAVILLE SANTANA PARNAÍBA

Av Dr Yojiro Takaoka, 4384                Localização do escritório virtual Alphaville Santana de Parnaíba

Alphaville                                              Virtual office Video Alphaville Santana de Parnaíba

+55 11 4152-8400                     

Virtual Office Alphaville Santana de Parnaíba

Rio de Janeiro — ——————————————————————————————

Map for the virtual office  Rio de JaneiroCENTRO

Av Rio Branco, 26                                      Localização do escritório virtual Rio de Janeiro

Centro                                                        Virtual office Video Rio de Janeiro

+55 21 3541-0341                                      

Virtual Office Rio de Janeiro