Rooms rental Hourly

Rental of meeting rooms and training Hourly

Every professional and new entrepreneur, you need to perform well in market and ensure the image of your business, but can not always afford the costs of a conventional office.

The costs that imply a fixed office, go mismatch the needs of those You are starting your business and need a lean and inexpensive administrative structure. For rental and reservation of a room per hour, call 0800 559 533. The hourly room rental is an excellent alternative for working professionals their homes and need sporadically a diverse environment to engage their jobs day to day.

We have executive rooms (offices), meeting rooms and training 19m2 to 30m2 that comprise 03 to 16 people. The private rooms (fixed and unique) have dimensions 9m2 to 50m2, with capacity of 01 to 12 people.

Customers with monthly plan in Virtual Office (Virtual Address - Address Commercial and Fiscal Address, Virtual Call - Telephone Answering and Virtual Office - Rooms Fixed) can book meeting rooms and training per hour for a period or full day with discounts of 15% to 40%, and enjoy the benefits offered in each plan.

How are the Virtual Office Meeting Rooms:
meeting rooms that carry different numbers of people;
Executive rooms (offices);
Training rooms for many virtual office chat groups;
Support in rooms;
Connecting high-speed Wifi;
Air conditioned rooms;
Reception customers;
Projector and audio conferencing device (upon prior request);
Water, coffee and tea cups in the meeting rooms and training;
Rental of rooms by the hour;
Rental rooms for period;
Rental of rooms for full day.

Lease Meeting Room by Time in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Alphaville:
Professionals who do home office, and need to diversify the environment and work place other than home, but with the same privacy and comfort.

IT professionals;
Consultants from various fields;
Human resources for training, dynamic and interviews;
Language teachers;
Coaching professionals;
icon_check Team Coaches.
Professionals from other cities, states and regions.

Companies need committed group dynamics:
1. Can I rent for a period or full day?
Can. The rooms can be rented for morning, afternoon and full. From 08h30 to 22h00.

2. How much is the rental of a meeting room?
Call now at 0800 559 533 (ligação gratuita) and speak with one of our consultants or use the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

3. Must be monthly plan client to lease rooms in Virtual Office?
One need not be monthly client to lease rooms in Virtual Office. However, customers having monthly plan in Virtual Office (Virtual Address - Business Address and Fiscal address, Virtual Call - Telephone Answering and Virtual Office - Fixed Salas) can book meeting rooms and training per hour for a period or full day discounts of 15% to 40%, and enjoy the benefits offered in each plan.

4. Types of rooms for occasional or regular lease:
Offices or executive rooms that hold up to 03 people;
Meeting rooms that hold from 04 people;
Rooms and training classrooms for different team sizes.

5. I am a customer of Paulista unit, I can rent another unit?
Yes, our system is fully integrated, so you can request a reservation any of nossoas units without the need for a new cadastro.sem the need for a new account.

Other Virtual Office Services:
private offices furnished service telephonic bilingual lease offices and rooms;
Daily business address for company;
Virtual Office plans Virtual Office.

Virtual Place: sporadic rental offices, meeting rooms and training;
Virtual Address: Business address and fiscal address for companies;
Virtual Call: Personalized bilingual telephone service for businesses;
Virtual Office: Office and furnished private rooms, ready for use.

Virtual Office understands the needs of its customers and therefore provides flexibility it needs for the development and growth of their business. THE image of your company is worth a lot, but in the Virtual Office it costs little and is within its possibilities.

Our meeting and training rooms are in a prestigious location and have all the infrastructure you need to meet your customers well.

One hour of meeting room to conclude contracts and meet your customers can reach to cost less to take him for a coffee in a noisy environment and interference. The perception that your client has of your business influence at closing, as well as the location of your company. Therefore provide to your customer a comfortable and private environment, adds value to the image of your company.

To perform a room reservation and take advantage of our services, call 0800 559 533.

How to hire our Virtual Office

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São Paulo — ————————————————————————————————

Map for the virtual office  virtual PaulistaPAULISTA

Av Paulista, 1765                      Localização do escritório virtual Paulista

Cerqueira César                        Virtual office Video Paulista

+55 11 3170-3170                          

Virtual Office Avenida Paulista
Map for the virtual office  Itaim Bibi FitITAIM BIBI FIT

R Dr Guilherme Bannitz, 126              Localização do escritório virtual Itaim Bibi Fit

Itaim Bibi                                              Virtual office Video Itaim Bibi Fit

+55 11 3040-3040                     

Virtual Office Itaim Bibi Fit
Map for the virtual office  virtual JardinsJARDINS

Al Santos, 1800                         Localização do escritório virtual Jardins

Jardim Paulista                        Virtual office Video virtual Jardins

+55 11 3170-3170                          

Virtual Office Jardins
Map for the virtual office  Berrini PrimeBERRINI PRIME

R George Ohm, 206                        Localização do escritório virtual Berrini Prime

Berrini                                              Virtual office Video Berrini Prime

+55 11 5105-8282                     

Virtual Office Berrini Prime

Alphaville — ————————————————————————————————

Map for the virtual office  Alphaville BarueriALPHAVILLE BARUERI

Calçada das Margaridas, 163                      Localização do escritório virtual Alphaville Barueri

CC Alphaville                                                Video do escritório virtual Alphaville Barueri

+55 11 4166-6000                          

Virtual Office Alphaville Barueri
Map for the virtual office Alphaville Santana de ParnaíbaALPHAVILLE SANTANA PARNAÍBA

Av Dr Yojiro Takaoka, 4384                Localização do escritório virtual Alphaville Santana de Parnaíba

Alphaville                                              Virtual office Video Alphaville Santana de Parnaíba

+55 11 4152-8400                     

Virtual Office Alphaville Santana de Parnaíba

Rio de Janeiro — ——————————————————————————————

Map for the virtual office  Rio de JaneiroCENTRO

Av Rio Branco, 26                                      Localização do escritório virtual Rio de Janeiro

Centro                                                        Virtual office Video Rio de Janeiro

+55 21 3541-0341                                      

Virtual Office Rio de Janeiro



The Virtual Office provides business solutions and quality services for 20 years.
We collaborate with the growth and development of their business.

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